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Welcome to Almond Springs

A Learning Playground for Growing Leaders

This is the story of the First Church of Almond Springs. The story unfolds like a season of television episodes. The episodes are each self-contained, but they build on one another. Use the learning resources to exegete each episode and to reflect on the leader's role in it.


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July   Background Episode A: Charlotte's First Sunday 
August   Background Episode B: Shared Vision 
September   Episode 1: The Housing Development 
  Episode 2: Brandi's Confessions  
  Episode 3: The Hymns Conflict  
October   Episode 4: Vic Vargo Dies  
  Episode 5: The Worker Bees  
November   Episode 6: The Mentor's Reflection  
  Episode 7: Personnel Matters  
  Episode 8: Camille's Quandary  
  Episode 9: Public Women  
  Episode 10: The Dolman Dinner  
December   Episode 11: Wearing Hats  
  Episode 12: Stinging Criticism  
  Episode 13: Public Debate  
January   Episode 14: Sparring Partners  
  Episode 15: Jan's Announcement  
  Episode 16: Doc Davis at the Lake  
  Episode 17: The Town Meeting  
February   Episode 18: Old Man Rivers  
  Episode 19: Laura's Story  
  Episode 20: Hazel's Wedding  
  Episode 21: Sin & Forgiveness (COMING SOON)
  Episode 22: The Vargo Legacy  
  Episode 23: Ash Wednesday (COMING SOON)