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Week 1: Intro

CF565: Empowering the People of God

  1. Opening Devotion: “Prisoners of Hope” 
    1. “What’s at stake?”
    2. Opening example: Opening sequence from the Pixar movie UP 

  2. Leadership Begins with Listening
  3. Cultivated Instincts
    1. Learning new instincts is like learning to drive a car. At first, it seems like there are too many details to track.  But eventually you can do it without thinking.
    2. This class is designed to help you develop those instincts

  4. Syllabus  
  5. Introduction to Theological Reflection (Word doc)
    1. Overview
      1. Description
      2. Analysis
      3. Discernment
      4. Action
    2. Three Frames (Word doc)
      1. Interpersonal or Relational
      2. Implemental or Organizational
      3. Interpretative or Symbolic/Cultural
    3. Plateaued Leaders  

  6. Case Study #1: Sam’s Retirement 
  7. Sample Response to Sam’s Retirement  (Word doc)