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Sticky Faith Cohort

February 2013

Welcome to the Sticky Faith Cohort for 2013. This page will list for you six simple readings (none more than a couple of pages) to prepare you for our discussion together. 

Please read the little articles before you come to Pasadena. You might even want to set aside some time as a team to talk together about what you are hearing as you read them.

The first group of articles is designed to introduce you to a way of leading that might be called “meaning-making leadership.” It says that we lead by inviting people to inhabit a story--a story that takes its shape from the gospel story.

Please read:

  1. Christian Leaders Transform Mental Models
  2. Meaning-Making Leadership: Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount
  3. Making Spiritual Sense
  4. Vision: A Shared Story of Future Hope

The next set of readings help us make sense of the organizational realities that make it difficult for us to implement changes in our congregations. The insights come from a scholar named Chris Argyris. Please read the first two little pieces (they are really Parts 1 and 2 of the same little piece). If you find these pieces interesting, I’ll provide a link to reading a twelve-page piece that Argyris wrote on how people learn (or don’t learn) in organizations. That piece is optional, but some of you might find it interesting.

On Argyris, please read:

  1. Mixed Messages Create Chaos
  2. Make Mixed Messages Discussable
  3. And if you are intrigued, feel free to follow up with “Teaching Smart People to Learn” (PDF)

I look forward to working with you in February.

Scott Cormode
Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development
Fuller Seminary