The Next Faithful Step

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Part 1: Leading My Self and Building Our Team

Scott Cormode, Fuller Seminary

  1. Moving Beyond the Plateau: Embrace Weakness
    1. Blame Prevents Learning  
    2. The Delayed Damage of Defensive Reasoning  
    3. Extraordinary Leaders Focus on their Failures  
    4. Embracing Weakness: Ann the Nurse  
    5. The only way to improve is to make mistakes (on real people)  

  2. Common Mistakes
    1. Unproductive Parallel Conversations  
    2. We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions
    3. Espoused theory versus theory-in-use  
    4. Mixed messages cause chaos  
    5. To keep mixed messages from causing chaos, make them discussable  

  3. Self-Management
    1. Self-Awareness
      (understanding self in the present)
    2. Self-Reflection
      (understanding self in the past)
    3. Self-Discipline
      (understanding self in the future)

    4. Sleep Is a Moral Choice

  4. How to take responsibility rather than project blame
    1. Temporary Incompetence versus Skilled Incompetence
    2. Formative Assessment versus Summative Assessment  

  5. Fear is a Theological Problem
    1. "When are they going to find out?"
    2. Belonging to God