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Part 5: Constructive Conflict

Scott Cormode, Fuller Seminary

  1. Conflict is necessary  
    1. Conflict is the natural by-product of adaptive work
    2. No conflict; no honesty
    3. Congregations do not thrive in the midst of social change without conflict

  2. Constructive Conflict rather than Destructive Conflict
    1. "Combine advocacy with inquiry."
    2. Build trust by negotiating the process
    3. Value the Dissenter  

  3. The source of conflict determines the leader's role
    1. Conflict you observe
    2. Conflict you generate
    3. Conflict you receive

  4. Multi-layered Understanding of Conflict
    1. Structural Effects of Conflict
    2. Relational Effects of Conflict
    3. Cultural Effects of Conflict

  5. "This conflict will not undo us."  
  6. Practicing Constructive Conflict (Ury)  
    1. Know your BATNA
    2. Don't react; instead reflect.
    3. Don't argue; step to their side.
    4. Don't escalate; educate (de-escalate)  
    5. Don't reject; reframe.
    6. Don't push; build them a golden bridge to retreat  

  7. Similar Effects of Change and Conflict

    Conflict Videos 

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